Sumy Kujon Debuts fall 2017 collection at New York Fashion Week

Courtesy: Sumy Kujon

Stun The Public With What You Do Best

At the CAAFD Emerging Designers Showcase on February 14th, the Peruvian designer Sumy Kujon amazed, delighted and surprised the hundreds in attendance.

Sumy Kujon has worked the design world for over a decade, and that experience showed in her attention to detail.

The audience in attendance laid witness to incredible shapes, colors and materials, which melded to an altogether unique sight.

Each piece was different, while still following a through line in each design.

See through fabrics gave an almost intimate view of the model’s bodies, which gave a sensual feel to the collection.

The emerging designer showcase, which is performed every season, was sponsored by CAAFD and iFashion Network, and featured a slew of emerging, talented and most of all unique designers, Sumy Kujon held true to the showcases mission statement of always be unique. That uniqueness even garnered her the support of the Peruvian government.

Daniel Quintanilla

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