Lauren Conrad welcomes in March


March Along

Hello March, I’m Daniel Quintanilla (Daniel+Lauren), and she’s Lauren Conrad, and Lauren today reveals what’s in store for a month that closes out winter, and brings spring on board with open arms.

This month, Lauren unveils part 3 of her Paper Crown spring 2017 collection, having released part 1 and 2 already, as well as the March edition of the LC Lauren Conrad collection, spring fashion trends, and finding bargains from designers.

Also, Lauren and team will up their game on the baby talk posting about kids spring fashion guide, whether from infant, to toddler, to near kindergarten, and look out too for travel tips, more recipes, jar lunches, and a new piece looking into Southern California neighborhoods.

Spring Test

Team Lauren Conrad today gives us a little pop quiz about what your spring styles are, ranging from vacation, beauty, style icons, shoes, manicures, and everything you can think of that inspires spring.

As you take this quiz with no failing grade to worry about whatsoever, happily grade yourself according to the letter answers you give, and you can determine what kind of spring style are you.

Daniel Quintanilla

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