The Recipe Box of milk removals and quiches by team Lauren Conrad


It’s Food Day, Charlie Brown

Today is all about food with Lauren Conrad and her team as they go all out to find alternatives to the juice that comes from a cow called milk, they also have quiches with mushroom, spinach, and asparagus.

Milk Without Milk: The Sequel

But first, team LC gives the cows a much needed vacation offering other ways to get your milk mainly from sources like coconut milk and almond milk, but this milk alternative edition opts to bake with milk stand-ins.

With help too from Claire Thomas of The Kitchy Kitchen, and Laurel from Sweet Laurel, the two go as far as replacing such dairies like butter with coconut oil, and heavy cream will full fat coconut milk, the one that brands such as Goya sell in the beans and sauces isle.

Out of all those replacements team LC, Claire, and Laurel seeked and found, they came up with a delicious dairy free whipped cream you you can use to make desserts like cream pie, or a perfect use for a topping to replace Cool Whip or Reddi-Whip.

Quiche: As You Like It

Team LC continues with the recipe box this time making quiche with vegetables you already know and love with help from resident baker, Lauren Lowstan.

Now, you can make quiche in two ways, you can either make quiche with asparagus and spinach, or you can do it with mushrooms and leeks.

No matter the recipe you choose, your quiche will be the best, and healthiest you’ve had by far, yours truly likes the mushrooms and leeks personally.

Daniel Quintanilla

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