MIA New York’s hot fall 2017 at UBM ‘Children’s Club’

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

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MIA New York, a can’t miss when walking the floors of UBM’s Children’s Club Monday over at the Javits Center here in New York City, told us about yours truly about their fall 2017 collection.

MIA New York is based off the designer’s little sister, who’s nickname is Mia, and is 12 years younger, Mia also went to the Fashion Institute FIT here in NYC, and opened all possibilities for the big sister designer.

MIA New York just launched in January with phenomenal success at other fashion trade shows that took place, and are at Children’s Club to tell us about the fall 2017 collection being about textured fabrication (sueded knits, plush velours, metallic eyelash yarns, and crazy party furs).

MIA New York is all about the wow factor specializing in textured fabrications to bring you the wow, something you can’t explore very much of if you’re just a t-shirt company.

The most popular for MIA is the multi-colored fur jacket, canvased in black, and consisting of orange, white, hot pink, dark blue, and purple that make one’s did be more popular than even the cool kids (at least that’s what the parents will think).

But don’t underestimate this cute multi-colored jacket by a long shot, a blogger got some wealth out of it by receiving 1,000 likes when wearing it for a day, the blogger just had to ask when it’ll be up for sale.

Even though MIA New York hasn’t been in any stores yet since it just launched, the buzz all around it has been incredible, and parents will also love the metallic pants and dresses you see in the images above yours truly’s piece here.

Daniel Quintanilla

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