Doe A Dear’s cute fall 2017 at UBM ‘Children’s Club’

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Cute From Birth & Up

Doe A Dear splashed its array of cuteness Monday at UBM’s Children’s Club over at the Javits Center here in New York City, telling us it’s okay to dress up everyday you live.

Doe A Dear is based out of Los Angeles, California where they strive to make clothes with high quality while keeping their prices affordable, fabrics like breathable cotton dominate the material used to make Doe A Dear because children have sensitive skin.

Doe A Dear chooses not to make edgy clothing because they believe kids should still be kids, and save edginess for when they’re older.

So Doe A Dear responds with styles that are classic looks avoiding weird cutouts, but they do have a black piece here and there along with pink fluff being offered, as well as stay trendy with cats and puppies, keeping girls from growing up too fast.

Doe A Dear is known for its dresses that come in bright holiday colors like red, black, dark blue, and pink, as well as tutus taking up very pastel color one can find, you can also find tops, bottoms, and coats that are soft and plush with Doe A Dear here.

And for fall 2017, Doe A Dear is presenting cardigans to go with their tutus as it jazzes looks up making them beautiful every step of the way, mom’s also play a role in new pieces like cardigans because it’s something mom would wear from places like J Crew.

Doe A Dear makes clothes for children ranging from toddler to 6 years old, but they’re still on the fence about making clothes for baby, and young girls as well.

But for now, Doe A Dear makes cute and classic styles that don’t get sacrificed because of cheaper production, but they do stay price conscientious, as well as keep girls from growing up too fast.

Daniel Quintanilla

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