Lauren Conrad with the kids spring style guide


Baby’s Day In Spring

Lauren Conrad and her Tuesday Ten today takes a look at the little one’s stylish spring clothes that are are a must have.

First, you’ll find the Briar lamb bonnet that’s floral, solid color, or brimmed, Minnow’s girl one piece & boy’s brief, Kara Kids skater dress and romper, Nate Berkus 3-piece body suit, and Zara striped dress & linen shirt.

Also, there’s Izzy & Ferd Cactus Tank & Coyote Leggings, Freshly Picked Moccasins, Oh Joy Newborn gift bundle, Masala Baby shorts, and Baby Gap flutter top & short sleeve shirt.

Where Do You Belong In Fashion?

Lauren Conrad and Team LC today gave you a little quiz about what job in the fashion industry is right for you.

In an A, B, C, D, & E answer structure, it was determined that you could be a fashion designer, stylist, merchandising, public relations, and brand management, which all determine your strengths in creativity, selling, business, communications, and leadership.

Daniel Quintanilla

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