Lauren Conrad releases Paper Crown spring (part 3)


Here’s A Triple Take

It’s the third edition of Lauren Conrad’s Paper Crown spring 2017 collection where we get to see more of the latest offerings as spring awakens across the country today.

Paper Crown’s first focus are on bridal showers with the Casa Grande Dress if you happen to be the attending guest, or the Mojave Dress for the bride-to-be not wanting to reveal white all to soon before the wedding.

Spring getaways include the Sequoia Dress for dinners out on vacation, Verbana Tank & Tanami Shorts for warm destinations, and Karakum Tank & Nabib Shorts if exploring’s on the agenda.

With baby showers, Lauren and Paper Crown recommend the Dahab Dress for any mom-to-be or baby shower guest valuing comfort, and the Nogales Dress perfect with all events.

Sushi: The Vegan Edition

Lauren Conrad’s contributor, Claire Thomas came from The Kitchy Kitchen today brought a recipe box full of homemade vegan sushi.

Claire brings on Yam Uni with yams, Kimchi Tai which looks like a piece of fish, Tomato Ikura Sushi best from an heirloom, green roll, and rainbow each filled with their designated color of veggies.

Daniel Quintanilla

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