The splurges & thrifts of March by team Lauren Conrad



Save On This, Spend On That

Today, one got another lesson from Lauren Conrad on money via where one can splurge, along with getting away with an incredible deal on styles.

Ruffle floral print dresses go first where spluring can happen at $850, or save them dollar bills just parting with $55, and lace & crochet overlay blouse spluring at $176, or go for the save at $58.

There’s more with brown multi-colored sandals first breaking the bank at $130, or saving the piggybank at $29.99, then there’s wrap tops to splurge at for $98, or save the paycheck just losing $19.



The Wealth Of Palm Prints

The newest craving team Lauren Conrad has are palm prints, where one can easily find on dresses, water bottles, skirts, tops, and rompers (just a few from Paper Crown).

Palm prints continue on with white & beige tops, maxi dresses in pink, pajama shirts & woven shorts, sleep mask, jackets, bobby pins, and one-piece swimsuits.

Daniel Quintanilla

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