Lauren Conrad’s 1st weekend of spring favorites



Now You Can Enjoy Spring

Lauren Conrad once again brings us this week’s Friday Favorites, only this time it’s celebrating spring’s arrival, which has long been awaited all winter.

First, we got red velvet pizelle iron waffle cookies which are always an italian favorite, a spring look of coral silk cami with jeans, and a party theme for the bridesmaids in one’s wedding.

The rest of the favorites are a simple reminder to stay positive as you go through what you are going through, and a Guiness World Record of a dog skateboarding the longest human tunnel.

The Edit by Lauren Conrad & Company

This weeks finds includes Lauren stumbling on Windsor dining chairs paired in 2, and avaitor sunglasses at 62 millimeters.

The rest of the finds are Sugar Paper ballpoint pen set, side table, crossbody handbag by LC Lauren Conrad, mudcloth pouch by The Little Market, Mother’s Day card, Paper Crown Tuscon Dress, “The Mothers” novel, and MOTO True Blue Joni Jeans.

Daniel Quintanilla


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