Lauren Conrad with the style tips of April



Get Trendy Already, It’s Springtime

Lauren Conrad and her Tuesday Ten today are all about what makes April tick, as in the hemlines, lacy fabrics, and relaxed denims that make for a breezier & better look.

Lauren first assures that she has nothing against the cold shoulder trend, especially on blue sundress, mustard yellow has plenty of room to shine in spring and not just fall, and  flirty & floral skirts win out everytime in the spring.

Trending up next are the full length lace skirts that are worth the splurge, red being the bold hue color of spring & summer on floral dresses, and slouchy silhouettes on distressed boyfriend dresses.

There’s also blue shades in chambray blue coming up on dresses, stripes on Kate Spade worn by Mara of M love M, blush on the blouse, and the shirtdress strutting the streets.

Skin Masks, Does This Work?

Lauren Conrad contributor, Tessa Scott gave her own beauty note today trying all different types of skin masks with their own plus and minuses.

Tessa found her choice of black charcoal soften her skin, but little result reducing blackheads, red clay made Tessa’s skin silky soft while shrinking & smoothing her pores, and black seaweed made Tessa’s skin bright, but overdried for Tessa’s naturally dry skin.

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