Lauren Conrad’s guide to office dress code



A Reminder Of Proper Work Attire

Lauren Conrad today gave an updated look to office dress code, since many work places still adhere to their rules about what to wear.

First, remember to keep a balance between what’s too short, or what’s too long even in skirts or dresses, and keep the latest trends outside work where they belong.

The unexpected can happen too so keep a sweater in case air conditioner comes on, flat shoes if heels get uncomfortable, and clear nail polish if tights rip, and keep makeup and perfume to a minimum.

Jewelry can also cause problems at work like being a distraction if it makes a lot of noise or shows off too much, so keep it minimum too, and keep the high heels at home, wear mid-size heels or flats.

The Shiny Easter Egg Treat

Lauren Conrad today too gives us an easter edible obsession of metallic painted easter egg sugar cookies with help from Lauren Lowstan from A Sweet Savory.



Now these cookie treats are a spinoff to Lowstan’s award season cookies, but can be decorated and wrapped in pastels, and both recipes share no penalty, or effect on Best Picture if you give out the wrong one.

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