Lauren Conrad kicks off Easter with macarons



The Sweetest Holiday Alive

Easter is not only filled with its true meaning tied to religion, but Easter has an array of candies one can think up, Lauren Conrad doesn’t slow down today with an edible obsession of easter egg macarons.

All that’s need to make this sweet treat are almond flour, powered sugar, egg whites, granulated sugar, blue food coloring, frosting, metallic dusts, and vodka to make things more interesting.

Believe it or not, there’s some good intensive preparation behind making these Easter egg macarons, like measuring egg whites, and keeping at room temperature for a day.

But when all is said and done, the Easter egg macarons are worth the time and effort to enjoy this coming Easter Sunday with lots or resurrection.

A Garden Of Growth

Inspired Ideas today by Lauren Conrad include a growing garden floral arrangements consisting of an array of many flowers one may or may not have heard of.

In the bunch are ranunculus, tulips, calla lilies, and anemones to be joined by floral foam, wire for reinforcement, greenery, moss, and low containers for wide opening.

Daniel Quintanilla


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