Lauren Conrad’s cold shoulder style



Style On Your Shoulders

Lauren Conrad today for her Tuesday Ten put together a complete list of open shoulder styles that contritute to giving one beauty, and more Vitamin D.

Starting with the LC Lauren Conrad Collection at Kohl’s, there is the ruffle cold-shoulder top, The Tuckerneck Endless Rose off-the-shoulder, LC Kohl’s shoulder shift dress, LC cold-shoulder ruffle top, and LC cold-shoulder ruffle midi dress.

Next, there’s Urban Outfitters Oh My Love off-the-shoulder ruffle romper, LC dress up cold-shoulder top, Paper Crown Sedona jumpsuit, Antropologie open-shoulder top, and Leith cold-shoulder midi dress.

Go To Paris (Don’t Pass It Up)

Lauren Conrad may be the girl who didn’t go to Paris the first time around, but today’s Find Us Lost guide by Selena gives you plenty of opportunities not to turn down Paris, France in your next adventure.

With the Paper Crown Spring 2017 collection going along for the ride, there’s plenty of places to eat & drink, as well as things to do around the lovely city of lights.

Daniel Quintanilla

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