Heidi Montag finally announces she’s pregnant


Courtesy: Us Magazine

Spawn Of Speidi: Coming This Fall

Heidi Montag announced Wednesday to Us Weekly that she is pregnant, carrying her first child, with baby estimated to arrive on its due date of October 19.

With Heidi 12 weeks along, both Heidi & husband, Spencer Pratt are much more mature, older, and wiser now who are definitely ready to bring a human being into the world.

Heidi & Spencer were nothing but shocked and happy when learning of Heidi’s delightful news first realizing she was pregnant, and Spencer’s doing all he can to pamper Heidi, while reading up tons of books of pregnancy and being a dad.

More Easter Desserts To Love

While Lauren Conrad already has her own bun in the oven, Lauren did continued her delightful Easter sweet treats today with mini carrot cakes.

One will appreciate having their own designed and decorated carrot cake with a frosted carrot on top instead of a typical cake slice.

Yet Another Bacon Recipe

Lauren Conrad contributor, Claire Thomas opened up the recipe box today giving us savory bacon and onion rolls.

This time, Claire Thomas draws her inspiration for world-renowned chef, Louis P. DeGouy, who caught fame in the 1940’s for his breakthroughs in creating delicious dishes, many cookbooks, and the founder of “Gourmet Magazine”.

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