Supreme Publicity poised as a premiere destination for fashion

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Work With The Top To Be At The Top

Just about 2 weeks ago, as Daniel+Lauren was previewing new fall 2017 collections up in New York City at Supreme Publicity, its founder, James Murray also took time for Q&A about the public relations firm he founded, and the vision & goals James has for it.

Daniel Quintanilla: What is Supreme Public Relations?

James Murray:  Supreme Public Relations is an exclusive boutique public relations and branding agency that specializes in the representation and management of the latest emerging fashion and beauty brands and innovators.  Our mission is to promote the rising stars of the industry, and put them in front of opportunities that will ultimately establish their brand/reputation.  The internal method or the “craft” which we operate and remain true too is our vision of individuality, and a unique process for each client. Our clients are all on different levels, and require different needs.  What makes Supreme PR unique from most other agencies or reps is that we move forward solely based on a results-driven outcome.

DQ: What inspired you to create Supreme?

JM:  My inspiration was actually working for the top fashion houses of the world, and coming from a high-fashion/ luxury background experience.  I wanted to work with clients that were offering something completely new, exciting, and off the radar.  I’ve always been original, and my clients are as well.  They are one-of-a-kind…and there is no other brand or product like theirs.

DQ: What do you look for in a collection when taking it on?

JM: Our process of recruiting clients comes from many different sources and angles. Some consist of referrals, and some are through our own scouting process.  Many industry insiders and colleagues will refer us, because they know our forte and style, therefore if they come across a brand they feel would fit with us, they will refer.  We have eyes and ears in places you couldn’t imagine.  Otherwise, we outreach and source brands from all over the world…it’s crazy where you can find some of the most unique talents and product!

DQ: Where do you see Supreme down the line?

JM: My goal is to remain an exclusive boutique agency, but target the mainstream channels through our own internal media and promotion plans.  We hope to eventually bring our mission of originality to the forefront of the entertainment industry, as well as fashion.  This is something we plan on (and have already been) exploring more and more of…

Back during New York Fashion Week, Daniel+Lauren got to write about one of Supreme’s clients being Rinat Brodach, which produced a bold & powerful fall 2017 collection that stood out from the rest.

James Murray is in the driver’s seat as he foresees the rising stars of the fashion industry, which is a continuing process year-by-year, and James does a great job seeing what’s next.

Daniel Quintanilla

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