Amanda Lepore’s ‘Doll Parts’ book launch party at Top Of The Standard


Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Dolls: The Best Part Of The Body

Amanda Lepore, an infamous and game-changing transexual fixture on the New York scene threw a launch party via Susanne Bartsch, Tuesday night for her new book, “Doll Parts”, at the Top Of The Standard Hotel in lower Manhattan’s Meatpacking District.

Over looking 18 stories high of New York City, Amanda’s party filled The Standard with tons of people in the fashion, gay, and lesbian community alike, as well as press people including myself to see the outragous high jinks that only “Doll Parts” can inspire.

Amanda filled the decadence to high capacity with a grand entrance, a glorious photo op for media and party revelers, as well as classy dancers dancing around the long bar either entertaining, or enlightening us with blissful nudity.

Amanda Lepore’s “Doll Parts” is more than just a memoir of Amanda’s groundbreaking life on the New York club scene, it’s a telling of Amanda who’s not afraid to break the rules, take risks, triumph over adversity.

Just as this party Tuesday night overlooking the Meatpacking District proved more than anything, Amanda’s “Doll Parts” also is inspiration for those who are not only young, but are transgender, letting them know to never be afraid to be who they are.

And if Ms. Lepore is a lover of anything, she says it has to be beauty.

Daniel Quintanilla

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