Supreme Public Relations show off fall 2017 collections during Press Week

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What’s Hot In Autumn

During Press Week up in New York City two weeks ago, yours truly here at Daniel+Lauren met with James Murray, who’s the founder of Supreme Public Relations to see the top fashion designers he represents, and how each of them stand out.

The first collection is War Dog, a concept stemming from the high society youth of the modern world that are people who cause trouble, the 25-year-olds of now.

Consisting of authentic original street wear such as hoodies and balmer jackets, silhouettes that reinvent street wear, War Dog has hot colors, hard wear thorns, high quality faux fur, and a german shepard for its logo having an interesting vibe to it.

Next up is Heera Won, who not only created War Dog, but has 3 different lines like Haute Couture being custom couture gowns, where Heera brings street wear funk into high fashion couture custom gowns.

Ready To Wear also by Heera, is luxury based, tailored, conservative, but still flirty and playful where silhouettes & fabrics (gazer) are really strong, putting her own spin on an otherwise delicate fabric like gazer from the 1930’s & 1940’s.

There’s also Pritch London who specializes in leather, out on a mission to prove that leather can be worn all-year-round, with a variety of weights, colors, and styles consisting of high quality grade A lamb leather, fox fur, and exotic skins like water snake where the process is key to making this a wearable skin.

Ev Bessar, the first client of Supreme, is an avant garde brand with custom made one-of-a-kind pieces, all going back to texture & quality consisting of real fur like mongolian lamb that’s strong wool.

Of course, there’s Rinat Broadach vibe of man versus woman with amazing quality in its great suiting.

And finally, there’s the precious accessories of Sterling King, a brand-new line of costume jewelry, it’s architectural design enables the texture to be the core foundation of the concept.

You also see unforgettable designs like metal glove hard wear, bullet rings, showing off nails capping off the finger, making for a very unique accessory.

The mother concept pieces with Sterling King are the fracture cuff that are very heavy, and a precious metal to hold onto.

Overall, James Murray and his company, Supreme Public Relations believe in the idea of working with rising star designers.

And from looking at these high-end, high quality collections, James has an incredible roster of designers who stand out from the fashion mainstream, and cement their foot print on the landscape.

Daniel Quintanilla

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