Lauren Conrad starts an herb garden



Now You’re Soil Is Just Right

Since Lauren Conrad declares today that it’s the right time to put her soil to good use due to excessive rain, Lauren tells about the ways to start an herb garden.

Not only is April perfect to start an herb garden, the herb garden can be started anywhere soil can be suited, which can end up being a perfect spot for you.

Your soil must be prepared by being moist, hardened soil needs to be broken up and watered, allowing roots to grow more easily.

Next, set your seeds by rows and inches apart, keep seeds covered in one-eighth inch soil,  water, cover garden in plastic, and take off plastic once you see your garden sprout.



Happy Birthday

Lauren Conrad, and her team of editors at have a milestone to celebrate, it’s the 6th anniversary of in what’s it’s been since 2011.

Since then, has grown in leaps and bounds, and will continue to grow for many years to come, as Lauren and team LC celebrate continued success.

One thing to note 6 years ago around this time, is that did exist, but just as a typical celebrity website about Luaren’s TV appearances, book tours, and where she’d be appearing next.

Also, Lauren launched The Beauty Department, the Paper Crown website, and an updated LC Lauren Conrad page on Kohl’s website at the same time relaunched.

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