Lauren Conrad’s April ends with weekend favorites



Finally, We See Warmth

Well, Work It April may be over on Lauren Conrad’s end, and warm temperatures finally coming through as this month’s end, but Lauren wanted to wrap up April with her Friday Favorites.

Lauren seeks love in office space that’s pink and just opened up in New York City, then there’s the fishtail & classic braid combined into one nice hairdo.

Next, there’s a cactus theme one might want to consider when planning their next bridal shower, linens on a dipped-white ladder, and a 5-minute workout that burns the abs good.

The Edit With Lauren & Company

Lauren Conrad and team today revealed their picks as April comes to a close, the warm temperatures are in, and May is just a short distance away.

Lauren’s finds are her LC Lauren Conrad Pineapple Pendant Necklace, and the Ikea Stockhelm 2017 Ratten Cabinet.

And Team LC stumbles upon things like The Little Market Acacia Wood Calabash Bowl, backpack, LC Lauren Conrad fern lid ring holder dish, Paper Crown Coronado Dress, and straw bucket bag.

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