ESPN needs to fix itself in order to save itself…. reasonably


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It Starts With You

In light of ESPN’s massive cuts announced Wednesday by its management, and The Federalist elaborating real reasons why, yours truly today has simple and quick ideas on how to fix ESPN.

First, cut the politics overlapping the sports coverage, which comes with talent who do nothing but talk about sports like its talk radio, save that for local radio stations that are ESPN affiliates.

Next, show more sports on the ESPN Networks 24/7 whether it’s live or taped, as well as “Sports Center” when it needs to air with highlights and scores as always just like people want, plus you got those billion dollar contracts that should be utilized, the right way.

And speaking of money, cable subscribers are paying not only for major sports contracts, but paying for Disney’s other channels as well.

So the ultimate fix Disney must take up is selling ESPN to another media conglomerate who doesn’t have large overhead to oversee on its portfolio, someone like Verizon would be perfect.

Yes, Verizon already bought AOL & Yahoo, but Verizon doesn’t have to keep those companies fully operational, they could shut down their operations entirely at some point.

Back to ESPN, Verizon acquiring ESPN is perfect because their spreadsheet doesn’t include a movie studio, theme parks, and other cable channels to take care of.

Now, the only dilemma Disney creates if ESPN is sold to someone else is that it could leave ABC with no sports programming to carry, or a sports division for that matter to look to.

But unless the contracts between ESPN & ABC are separate concerning rights to carry basketball & college football, then ABC has to be sold right along with ESPN.

And again, Verizon is the perfect company to position itself to take on both ESPN, and ABC.

With all these suggestions put on the table by Daniel+Lauren, this will enable ESPN (and ABC too) to not only survive, but thrive against competion, and a so-called changing media landscape.

Plus, the cost to carry ESPN will no longer be astronomical, it’ll be a breather for cable subscribers, and stand a chance on skinny packages cable companies are now offering.

Daniel Quintanilla

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