The Casery and their phone cover designs at UBM ‘Accessories The Show’


Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

What’s Your Cell Phone Case Say About You?

The Casery got to express what’s really on their minds today at UBM‘s “Accessories The Show” at the Javits Center here in New York City.

The Casery is a young a fresh collection based in Los Angeles, California, where its home base inspires the whole vibe of the phone covers, and it has a catchy slogan being “Protect The Ones You Love”.

Casery’s cases also thrive on really cool phrases like “Don’t Kill Your Vibe”, “I’d Rather Hang With My Dog”, “Life Is Really Fun”, “I Can’t Adult Today”, and “Good Vibes Only”.


Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Not only are there catch phrases, Casery also has several marble designs in pink, blue, green, etc, as well as a special customized line designed by Free People.

Free People goes even deeper with the marble designs incorporating earthy tones & dark tones setting the Free People vibe.

Daniel Quintanilla

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