Lauren Conrad mixes cocktails without alcohol



Drinking Without Alcohol

There’s one dilemma a woman must face when she is pregnant, she cannot drink alcohol from conception to birth, so Lauren Conrad’s libations today does mocktails for whoever has cocktail cravings.

Lauren introduces us to the mama-to-be marg, a margarita with lemonade, jalapeno, rim salt, lime slices, club soda, and ice, then there’s the strawberry faux-se with rose water, muddled strawberries, tonic water, mint sprigs, and ice.

Lauren also has a mango mocks-cow mule made up of ginger beer (totally alcohol free), mango juice, club soda, lime, mint garnish, and crushed ice for the lovers of the original Moscow Mule.

Let’s Go To Spain

Team LC today handed over their travel guide once again to Selena of @finduslost who takes us on a journey to Barcelona, Spain.

Going along on this journey is Paper Crown and their spring 2017 collection where palm prints are the main feature of the trip, day by day, and hour by hour.

Daniel Quintanilla


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