Lauren Conrad’s Paper Crown now in Lord & Taylor Pop-Up shop



We’ve Arrived At The Big Dance

Maura McManus, the CEO of Lauren Conrad’s Paper Crown collection, shared exciting news that their summer pieces are featured at Lord & Taylor’s in New York City up until mid-summer.

Paper Crown has its own retail space in the form of a pop-up shop display all that summer has to offer through the eyes and vision of Lauren’s high-end, higher-pricing point, and successful collection.



What one will see at Lord & Taylor is the Paper Crown spring 2017 collection, with dresses like Sequoia, styles for bridesmaid & other events, color palettes & silhouettes, and windows featuring Paper Crown.

The Volver Cookie

Lauren Conrad’s foodie, Claire Thomas of The Kitchy Kitchen found inspiration today from the movie, “Volver”, to make manchego cookies that are chewy, and filled with wine.

Now, all ingredients include one and three quarter sticks of butter, one and two-thirds of bread flour, a quarter cup of white wine, and a dusting of sugar.

Daniel Quintanilla

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