A degree on staying fit, as executed by Daniel+Lauren


Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Whatever It Takes To Stay In Shape

It’s not easy, that’s the first thing needed to be pointed out, it takes work, motivation, and observation if one wants to stay thin & strong.

The journey for yours truly started about 4 years ago in an effort to lose some weight for Halloween, where they were in the 210’s as far as weight’s concern.

Realizing that lifting free weights and cardio are a perfect combination for losing weight effectively along with changing to a healthy diet were key to weight loss, which happened quicker than I imagined.

By the end of October 2013, Daniel found himself at 177 pounds, almost 40 pounds less than May of that year, Daniel went on further dropping into the 160’s by 2013’s end, and finally into the 150’s, 140’s, and then 130’s in the first 4 months of 2014.

Approximately 80-85 pounds was lost from May 2013 to May 2014, and Daniel today is still within the 130’s and 140’s pending situation & circumstance.

After yours truly began this weight loss journey, they decided this was going to continue on a regular basis, not just lose weight for a special occasion.

Mainly, it’s been running & free weights, with biking and bikram yoga factored in every now and then, diets were reduced to one meal a day at some point in late 2013.

But learning some hard lessons physically & mentally in early 2014 forced Daniel to eat more than once a day, so Daniel can keep good health in mind, and not get carried away.

Today, diet and exercise are still key in the life of yours truly, with a little bit of splurging here and there, and more lessons, ideas, and philosophies are realized.

Even after all that’s been accomplished, this is still a work in progress, a lifetime of good maintenance even, the work never ends with exercise, and good diet.

It also takes a good night long sleep, timing of when to eat, and weighing yourself everyday to see where one stands.

The Burning Booty

Over in Lauren Conrad’s world today, it was all about shaping up the butt in a workout by resident trainer, Dr. Hunter Vincent so one’s butt can be ready for the beach.

Dr. Vincent went onto prove that working out on a sandy beach is hard, and good for your glutes with workouts like karate squats, miniband squats, toe touch, sumo moves, plyo skiiers, and lateral lunges that must be done in a key fashion.

 Daniel Quintanilla

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