Lauren Conrad prepares baby shower sweets



Baby Sweet Treats

Today, Lauren Conrad had another great edible obsession that’s totally fixated on baby, cookies consisting of unicorns and rainbows which mom-to-be and guests will find delicious and amazing.

This sugar cookie is made of butter, lemon, flour, salt, and baking soda, while royal icing consist of meringue power, powered sugar, food coloring, gold disco dust, vanilla, and small paint brushes for decorating.

After all the instructions for cookie & icing are prepared, cooked, and completed, one can enjoy these very special unicorn and rainbow cookie with those excited for one’s baby.

Nursery For Molly

With help from the Kind Campaign to stop girls from bullying other girls, team Lauren Conrad gives a tour of Molly’s nursery for her little girl named Lyla Mae.

Molly showed off everything that one can imagine as others plan to make their own baby rooms that will be just as special as Molly planned for Lyla Mae.

Daniel Quintanilla

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