Lauren Conrad and the shimmer makeup



Shimmery Shimmer

Lauren Conrad Wednesday gave us a beauty note about the ways of wearing shimmer makeup, all instructed for every part of one’s face, so shimmer look its very best.

The eyes are first and foremost as shimmer is applied lightly on the eye lids, where you can even use highlighter as eyeshadow, lips involve a pink gloss with shimmer applied on top.

And the face starts with some simple blush on both sides, followed by a little glitter to give that shimmery glow, which arrives perfectly for summertime.

Hide Those Diapers

Being chic, and taking care of baby are not easy to accomplish simultaneously, but at least the best baby bags by team Lauren Conrad Wednesday can help move things along smoothly.

What’s great about these bags are they look exactly like back packs or totes one may find from Kate Spade New York, as well as LC Lauren Conrad.

Daniel Quintanilla

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