Marc Englander is the conceptual furniture designer


Courtesy: Seventh House PR

Furniture Outside The Box

Today, Daniel+Lauren, along with Seventh House PR, have the pleasure of telling the world about Marc Englander, who is the creator of his own furniture line, taking what one knows about furniture, and throwing it out the window.

Marc Englander designs conceptual, functional and artistically inspired furniture.

The idea of art as thought-provoking and viscerally stimulating is the driving force behind Marc’s collection.

Well-considered painters, sculptors, designers and architects, mostly from the 20th century, inspire Marc’s design aesthetic, in an attempt to take into account the breadth and context of modern design.

The collection is mainly locally produced in Brooklyn, NY, where many of the materials are sustainably sourced.

Ideally, for Marc, each piece maintains a high level of integrity to the materials presented.

However, in order to avoid taking himself and his designs too seriously, he attempts to inject an element of humor into all of his work.

For Marc, it is vital to create actually livable, multipurpose art that balances form and function.


Courtesy: Seventh House PR

Born and raised in New York City, Marc Englander developed an interest in furniture design at a young age.

After drafting a sketch for a replacement console, he began finding fun in creating aesthetically and conceptually interesting furniture.

Marc attended Brown University to pursue his passion for both history and art.

When he isn’t actively designing a new piece, he enjoys learning new languages, exercising,  practicing yoga, snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, and spending time with his family.

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