Finally, It’s Memorial Day

Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Let’s Start Summer, But We Must Honor First

It may be the unofficial start of summer, but with today being Memorial Day, it is important that we remember those who fought for our country.

Yes, Memorial Day is about our soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice and gave up their lives so that we can live in a free nation with more sovereignty than one could ever imagine.

Even our weekday column, thanks to is taking a break today to observe the holiday, and honor our fallen heroes, as well as those soldiers who are still among the living.

It may be summery, or even fall or winter like weather across the country, but people are celebrating Memorial Day regardless, whether for the fun of it, or the seriousness of its meaning.

So as one eats those hot dogs and hamburgers, drinks beer, or lies on the beach, please remember why we have our freedoms in the first place, and thank those living soldiers who fought to keep us free.

Daniel Quintanilla 

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