Lauren Conrad’s reasons why mom knew best



See? Moms Aren’t So Bad

On Tuesday, Lauren Conrad wrapped up her mom-themed month with 6 reasons why mom always knew best, followed by a Tuesday Ten for traveling with a child.

But first, Lauren begins by stressing that your first love won’t be your last, because moms  have been there in their lives than one’s friends have yet to encounter.

Mom also says that nice guys finish first, because bulliness doesn’t get one success in the workplace, or respect from others, and wear sunscreen not just for cosmetics, but to keep you alive.

Mom too says a smile on a happy girl is the prettiest, one must not ever settle for anything less than they want in life, and always eat your fruits and vegetables.


Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Flying & Baby, Can You Handle It?

The Tuesday Ten on Tuesday inspired by Ilana Saul’s 2 and a half-year-old daughter tells about the ways one can get through air travel easier than one could imagine.

Recommended are bringing a baby carrier to get through TSA easier, get a lap infant free up until age 2, book bulkhead seats, lots of snacks, new toys, give child unlimited entertainment options, buy a travel car seat, travel light but overpack, expect the unexpected, and travel often,.

Daniel Quintanilla

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