Lauren Conrad gives more peek at new LC Lauren Conrad swim line



Now, Let’s See How Beautiful It Is

Lauren Conrad gave more of an in-depth look at her brand-new Kohl’s LC Lauren Conrad  Beach Shop Collection Wednesday, showing it in action on the beach.

Lauren says the new LC Kohl’s Swimsuits are a culmination of why the LC Lauren Conrad collection was created in the first place, with Lauren incorporating her love for Laguna Beach at an affordable pricing point.

Lauren’s swim is everything a woman needs to soak up the sun in style, and there’s something for everyone to slip into before hitting the water.



This Is June

Lauren Conrad kicked June today with a Letter From Lauren christening the new month as Shape up June.

It’s that time of year again where Lauren and her team shape up the world with weight loss challenges, as well as bikini challenges, new recipes, new LC Lauren Conrad, and Father’s Day prep.

Pate, Sans Fish

Yours truly was sort of skeptical when hearing about this new healthy vegan pate today by Lauren’s Rachel Rosenbloom, but a little knowledge of it got me on board this A-train immediately.

Now, trust me, this is no way hummus, or anything similar to hummus, this healthy vegan pate is made up of cans of strained cooked peas, sautéed onions, chopped walnuts, vegetable broth cubes, and olive oil to make for a fishless pate that one will absolutely love.

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