Christophe Danhier invites Daniel+Lauren for a look at jewelry collection


Courtesy: Christophe Danhier 

Only The Best…. Will Do

On Saturday, yours truly paid a visit to Christophe Danhier here in Las Vegas, Nevada to witness his incredible jewelry, diamond, and gemstones that are made, and handled with the utmost care for high-end beauty.

Here at the Wynn Las Vegas & Encore Resort where nothing below five-star quality is accepted, Christophe Danhier makes himself right at home with his 18 karat gold jewelry ethically using gemstone and diamond sources.

Christophe Danhier has been in the jewelry business all his life, but it’s only been the last 15 to 20 years that Christophe has gone into business for himself, working with department stores and independent boutiques, as well as Japan, Russia, and Europe.

Christophe opened up his jewelry boxes beginning with his Prism collection consisting of sapphires rose cuts that come in green, yellow, orange, pink, and purple, as well as champagne and white diamond rose cuts.

Christophe also includes his Evolution line of rings coming in supernova, galaxy, and pulsar consisting too of rose cuts done in a cyclical and special finish, as well as black opals, shplarites, and ninth quartz.

Christophe’s best-selling line for about 10 years, consist of 10 to 15 different color combinations in his line of 18 karat gold rings having green, purple, while, orange, and yellow sapphires, there’s also black opals from Australia, and sapphires set upside-down.


Courtesy: Christophe Danhier

The Tempo collection is what Christophe had next where stones are set and snapped in a basel set where some rings are surrounded by gold, while a three tiny purple sapphire ring that’s an apple a ring are not surrounded by gold.

Next up was the Candid Eye collection where the stones are cabochon on gold-plated rings making it possible to see a deeper color, and a brighter color on the cabochon itself.

In the Tossed collection, Christophe has a combination of sapphires, rose quartz, white diamonds, moon stones, and amethysts set on rose and white gold rings of 18 karat gold, Christophe is known for creating color combinations of 3 to 6 colors on one style.

Christophe also has the Complication collection consisting of rings wrapped around lines of multi-colored sapphires & rubys, as well as wild flowers with sapphires, black diamonds, and white diamonds.

There is also a rare stone called spinel that comes from Perma, Benin on one of Christophe’s rings surrounded by diamonds, where it’s mined with hundreds of rubys, and it’s not too often that a spinel stone surfaces with rubys.

And Christophe has a ruby like stone called a red tourmaline, which also is set on a ring surrounded by white diamonds, consisting of a deep red-purple combination, as well as an MFS with peridot and diamonds around it.

Christophe made sure yours truly knew about the eternity bands (square rings) in blue sapphires, pink sapphires, champagne diamonds, white diamonds, black diamonds, and gray diamonds.


Courtesy: Christophe Danhier

What Daniel was impressed by with by the eternity bands are the heavy weight of the ring itself, Christophe Danhier he doesn’t believe in making a lighter piece of jewelry just to meet a lower price point, it’s all about making fine jewelry that’s comfortable to wear.

Along with an array of earrings also having sapphires, diamonds, moon stones, quartz, tourmalines, Christophe Danhier also has the Northern Star collection consisting of blue sapphire and diamonds, with a necklace that resembles a star, but more so the sun.

Again, a few of the necklaces and earrings come from either the Candid Eye collection made the same way as the rings, or are very similar to rings like the snapped gemstones with gold & diamonds surrounded by it on other collections.

Daniel was also impressed with the slight heaviness of earrings that had moonstones on it, because it was wided out like most earrings, or made tiny for the sake of a cheaper piece of jewelry that would normally have a tiny diamond or gemstone on it.

Christophe Danhier also had Japanese akoya pearls, London blue topaz, and diamond pieces that are earrings, and black opals with 16 karat diamonds that’s apart of the Northern Star collection.

Then, there were rose cut diamonds and full cut diamonds, and a center-cut piece of an Australian black opals, where black is not even the color, black opals come in many colors, whether their light or dark.

And the final piece was a necklace decorated with the center piece of a rare black opal coming in a 22 karat stone, and the Japanese akoya pearls being the same ones Kokichi Mikimoto used for his collections, also considered the best type of pearls in the world.

Christophe Danhier is by far a one-of-a-kind diamond, gold, and sapphire collection stopping at nothing to produce high quality fine jewelry, and not giving into the pressure of producing cheaper jewelry in order to cut costs, or cater to a lower clientele.

Christophe Danhier also does shows in Hong Kong, China, Japan, and Italy, as well as the Jessica trade show here in the United States in the past, but recently has done trade shows with The Couture Show here in Las Vegas except for this year due to scheduling conflicts.

If one has an opportunity to invest in a fine piece of jewelry that not only comfortable, but produced with the utmost high quality, one must take a look at the Christophe Danhier collection.

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