Lauren Conrad identifies her baby shower look



What Do You Wear For Baby Tell?

Lauren Conrad today told not only about the wonderful baby shower that friends and family threw for her a few weeks ago, but what she wore to event celebrating baby.

With catering by Lauren Lowstan, Lauren’s attire was the Ulla Johnson cotton maxi dress paired with sunnies and sandals that Lauren wore also to her baby shower.

Now if one cannot find themselves affording $345 for Lauren’s baby shower dress, the good news is that Target produces an affordable version for just $29.99, plus accessories are affordable too.

It’s Beach Body Season, Time To Shape Up

Team Lauren Conrad today along with resident physical train, Dr. Hunter Vincent, has combo exercises working multiple muscles to keep heart rate up, and improve efficiency.

With simple breakdown of execution, exercises include reverse lunge with lateral raise, single leg bicep curls, sumo squat with tricep extensions, steering wheel squat holds, pushup plank presses, and mountain climber DB rows so bikini looks better & better.

Daniel Quintanilla

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