Lauren Conrad’s favorites for week #2 in June



A Week Closer To Summer

It’s officially almost summertime, and Lauren Conrad today brought along the week ending Friday Favorites for a little more excitement needed to start the weekend.

Lauren spotlights a black and white lace look that’s from Damsel in Dior, then you have a soft and feminine style bridal hairdo made possible by the Wedding Sparrow.

Remember one thing about those people out there who don’t tow the line, “Darling, You’re Different”, carry along a whipstitch mini tote, and make sage & floral smudge sticks.

The Edit

Lauren Conrad and the team today collectively shared their week’s finds of LC Lauren Conrad Beach Shop cover up, and Steve Madden Grace Slide sandals, which Lauren loves.

More finds include Paper Crown Tempe Top in Palm Print, LC Kohl’s Cold Shoulder ruffle dress, mermaid doll from The Little Market, and New York Times Bestseller “Present Over Perfect”.

Daniel Quintanilla


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