Lauren Conrad dating Colton Haynes was not true

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Just For The Hollywood Of It

Lauren Conrad, who was said to be dating Colton Haynes of MTV’s “Teen Wolf” back in summer 2011, apparently wasn’t dating Colton, as Colton revealed Wednesday to The Huffington Post.

Colton only said he dated Lauren just as a directive from his manager, so no one would suspect that Colton is a homosexual.

It all started when Colton went to a party 6 years ago where Colton’s manager encouraged him to take a picture with Lauren Conrad, his manager then ran with the story that Colton and Lauren were dating, lasting in the tabloids for about 6 months.

Several years after that incident, Colton has moved on from his old management team, and hired new management where Colton is allowed to embrace his homosexuality, without having to pretend.

Colton Haynes had to endure early in his career that he would not work in Hollywood if people knew he was gay, now that’s changed tremendously.

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