Lauren Conrad makes washi tape umbrellas



The Item That Makes The Drink Great

Lauren Conrad got into a little activity while carrying baby today making a signature favorite amongst a few alcohol drinks being the tiny washi umbrellas.

Lauren illustrated a few little steps, instructions, and materials to help us make this little decoration reminding us of good times and happy hours we enjoy on a daily basis, getting a little buzzed while were at it.

Now after you’re done making these cute washi umbrellas, you now have the pleasure of making your favorite cocktails that make the umbrellas worth the conception.

Your Summer Goals To Look Your Best

The Lauren Conrad Tuesday Ten today give us health & fitness goals to make this summer like cutting out junk food, drinking more water, getting more sleep, finding a workout class we love, and going to yoga 2-3 times a week.

Plus, you can also take up meditation, keep track of your goals, run farther than you ever have before, eat more fruit and veggies, and spend more time outside, because that’s what summer is all about.

Daniel Quintanilla


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