The Lauren Conrad way of swimsuit maintenance



Caring For Beach Hotness

The team of Lauren Conrad today gave us some simple instructions about ways to care for your one-piece or bikini swimwear that gets good mileage in the summer months.

So your bathing suit doesn’t get harmed at the first swim, take a cold shower at the beach or pool first to block chemicals from seeping in, and rinse it off the same way after a swim.

And always handwash your swimsuit with gentle detergent to avoid major damage from the washer, hang or lay dry swimsuit to avoid intense dryer heat, rotate swimsuits to let your favorite one dry all the way, and soak new swimsuit in vinegar before wearing it.

The Best Bra For You

Team Lauren Conrad today with help from ThirdLove found out about the 3 bras that every woman needs to have in the intimate bedroom drawer.

The bras you need are a comfortable & natural looking strapless bra that’s not heavy or too technical, an everyday t-shirt bra that’s gorgeous with your clothes while comfortable and smooth, and a special lace bra adding touch to summer female attire.

Daniel Quintanilla

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