Lauren Conrad’s rules of visiting new parents



You Have To Be Ready For Baby

Lauren Conrad’s parenting contributor, Leslie Bruce of Unpacified, gave some incredible advice today about what to do when one sees a new mom and dad in action.

Be prepared, bring food that’s easy to eat, laundry detergent to help keep clothing tidy while you do errands too, the visit cannot be unannounced, give mama all the love you can give, and don’t take it personal if mom not overjoyed, mom’s got enough to chew.

Also, respect people’s privacy and decisions of breastfeeding, make sure your social cue is strong on when to hold & not hold a baby, do not be sick for the visit, use your social cue also to determine when the visit is over, make yourself useful, and give attention to other siblings at this important time.

Get Your Abs Strong

Dr. Hunter Vincent today shaped up team Lauren Conrad with a plan to make you abs stronger and sexy, starting out that every body is different, strong abs start in the kitchen filled with clean eating for more than a week, and finding the right core exercises for every body type.

Dr. Hunter Vincent also provides an array of exercises one can do to achieve to strong and sexy abs, if you’re willing to do the work, and put in the time.

An Instagram Milestone

Though it may minor, and that a baby is soon on the way for Lauren Conrad, Lauren had a small feat of her own in the last 2 days achieving 6.1 million followers on Instagram, as Lauren’s social media influence continues to rise day in, and day out.

Another great Instagram milestone for Lauren is that her Instagram is close to one million followers, as Instagram rises in followers each day.

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