Lauren Conrad: Which sunscreen is right for you?



What Are Your Sunscreen Needs?

In spite of Lauren Conrad being on leave to take care of new baby, Lauren in advance on Monday provided the difference between chemical and physical sunscreen.

Chemical sunscreen only protects either UVA rays, or UVB rays depending on which one you get, it doesn’t cover both, but it’s perfect for using with other skin care products, and when not spending a great deal of time in the sun.

Physical sunscreen goes all out protecting one against both UVA and UVB rays, coming in a higher SPF number level, and are perfect for those long beach days, though Lauren concludes using a chemical/ physical combination is best, and a sunhat works too.

Great Abs In A Month

Team Lauren Conrad once again Monday rely on Doctor Hunter Vincent to help with getting the abs you want in just 30 days, so your beach days can be glorious against the sun, and looking hot.

From day 1 to day 30, Team LC tells us to do Russian Twist, Leg Raises, and Mountain Climbers, with repetitions increasing each day for generous results.

Shades For The Summer

Getting to the business of today, Team Lauren Conrad totally control the ship today with a Tuesday Ten devoted to their favorite sunglasses for the summer.

Team LC choose sunnies from Marc Jacobs, Komono, Chloe, Pasadena, and LC Lauren 
Conrad, which range from $11.99 to $396.

A Shellless Taco

Lauren’s team today opened up the recipe box once again to give us lettuce-wrapped tacos sans the taco shell, coming in varieties like chicken, shrimp, and veggie tacos.

In these tacos, you’ll see great foods like avocado, peppers, cotija cheese, veganaise, garlic, radishes, and bean sprouts.

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