The heirloom tomato salad by Lauren Conrad’s team



The Perfect Summer Dish…. Next To Turkey

Today, the team that is Lauren Conrad was at it again not only keeping house while’s Lauren’s away, but serving up the taste of summer that is a wonderful tomato salad.

With help from Claire Thomas at The Kitchy Kitchen, Claire and Team LC take very big heirloom tomatoes coming in red, orange, and even green to make something refreshing for heatwaves like this.

We know that olive oil will be a given guest at the table, but it’s the lemon, mint, parsley, marjoram, flaked sea salt, and ground pepper that make this salad dashing to sink our teeth into.

Summer Fun For The iPhone

The Lauren Conrad team today beamed up their seasonal inspiring tech wallpapers celebrating summer at its finest.

Here, we have ice cream & popsicles colored in lavender and white with jimmies and chocolate chips, plus flamingos and ducks sitting on the water taking in the finest time of their life.

Daniel Quintanilla

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