Lauren Conrad speaks dining out with high amounts of people



Let’s Take Everyone Out To Dinner

Though on maternity leave, Lauren Conrad today in advance talked about some new ladylike laws being dining out in a large group, and how to properly handle it.

First, do your very best not to be unless if you can’t control the situation, because there are people waiting for you, know what the right time to eat is when food serving time varies, and take an equal portion when splitting different food dishes.

If the conversation turns moribund, don’t pull out your phone, make an effort to talk the people next to you, and make it as easy as possible to split the check.

The $10,000 Wedding Of Your Dreams

Team Lauren Conrad today came up with creative ways to make your fantasy wedding bells an incredible reality on a budget.

Only splurge when you absolutely want to for certain things, keep all wedding events in one location, a short guest list, become a do-it-yourself bride, and use all your daily contacts to help you create a happy wedding you’ll never forget.

Daniel Quintanilla

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