Lauren Conrad’s gang makes homemade dog treats



A Bone Marrow Free Treat

Lauren Conrad’s Jessi Burrone today introduced the world to a new way to feed your dog when he does good, dog treats made out of your own home.

Instead of relying on the usual dog ingredient suspects (including the one up in the subtitle), Jessi looks to peas, coconut oil, peanut butter, whole wheat flour, oats, baking soda, and apple sauce to feed one’s dog with wholesome goodness.

With a little parchment paper, a cookie tray, and an oven set at 350, your dog will have the best first-ever homemade dog treat you’ve ever made that’s good for him.

Protein……… They’re Not All Alike

You already know what protein is, how it good for you, builds lean muscle, a strong body, and helps you lose weight.

But if you’re one who’s protein is not from animal, then you’ve likely bumped into the powered proteins the Lauren Conrad team speaks of today.

With whey and paleo protein alike, you must look for one that’s 100 percent grass-fed, to avoid less toxins and metals, you also have collogen protein which helps maintain youth containing 4 essential amino acids.

And there’s one vegetable-based protein out there that vegans must utilize as much as possible, it’s yellow-pea protein because it has a lower risk of heavy metal toxicity, according to Kelly LeVeque.

Daniel Quintanilla

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