Lauren Conrad makes front page with baby Liam James Tell


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See How Baby Can Change You

Today, Lauren Conrad gave the world it’s first glimpse at her new bundle of joy, who’s Liam James Tell, with Lauren telling People what baby has done for her.

Initially, Lauren was on the fence about having kids during her twenties, but William Tell made Lauren pro-baby when they first met, and Lauren loves every minute of it.

Lauren’s very pleased that she had a boy, because Lauren says she was a tomboy growing up, and could play well with boys (Liam James by the way was born 6 pounds, 14 ounces).

Lauren’s also aware why people want to keep having babies, because they’re so cute, and they grow up so fast, but Lauren says she just wants to have 2 kids so she and William are not outnumbered.

The takeaway in all this is Lauren not only wants to be strong for Liam James, but teach Liam to respect women, making Liam appreciate all the hard work his mom accomplished to get where she is today.

Plan A Party Around Ice Cream Floats

As Lauren celebrates her friend photographer, Elizabeth Messina, taking the golden photo for People, Team Lauren today showed us an ice cream float bar.

With help from IZZE, and you favorite ice cream along with other wonderful desserts, you and your kids can have the best ice cream party of your life.

Lobster Sandwich

The edible obsession today with Team LC is homemade spicy lobster rolls that are filled with nothing but taste, flavor, and lunch worth skipping breakfast for.

The key to spicy lobster salad is not only mayonaise, but brioche French rolls, lobster tail meat, scallions, sriracha, lemon, black pepper, celery, and parsley.

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