Moda Luxe previews fall 17/18 at UBM ‘Accessories the Show’


Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Here Comes The Fall, It’s Back

Today at the Javits Center here in New York City, UBM Fashion’sAccessories the Show” is in day 3 of their August fashion trade show, where yours truly got to see Moda Luxe’s handbag collection, which will ship out soon for post-summer (fall of course).


Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

In simple words, Moda Luxe designs itself as a collection of bags having utility and value for its price range, also posing as great everyday wear going beyond the special occasion fashion it looks like.

Moda Luxe offers up a strong and stable colors and solids in their collection of crossbodies, little backpacks, totes, evening bags, trendy bags, and all handbag varieties Moda Luxe has in their popular-selling collection all around.


Courtesy: Daniel Quintanilla

Moda Luxe strives to provide trendy and stable styles to their loyal customer base who love the handbags they come out with every season, especially fall where handbags strive the most.

Daniel Quintanilla


One thought on “Moda Luxe previews fall 17/18 at UBM ‘Accessories the Show’

  1. Most women like complete the outfit with a handbag. Straw bags are so “It” this season, but I think we also need classic bags. I like your post. There have different style of bags.


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