Paper Crown gives name to parts of fall collection


Courtesy: Paper Crown

In an email sent out tonight to subscribers of Paper Crown, Paper Crown revealed that certain pieces of their fall collection are named The Aurum Collection, which are prints more deeper and distinct than in Paper Crown’s past.

The Aurum Collection to be exact are described as being complete with textured fabrications and a rich color palate, where this latest collection is perfect for the girl who appreciates fresh design and timeless style.

Friendships Staying Relevant

Lauren Conrad today brought out one of her Ask Lauren pieces again to answer the question of how one can maintain a friendship with people in different stages in their life.

First thing is be mindful of all the new things in your friend’s life, get advice from others in your current journey, make time for one another, know when to let friends go, and be open to new friendships.

PJ’s Outside The House

Today’s style tip from team LC includes turning one’s pajamas into everyday outerwear, and even nightwear that just doesn’t mean the bedroom.

The lucky candidates who have their pajamas turned into outfits for the outside world are slip dresses, silk blouses, textured slides, and patterned kimonos from houses like ASOS, Steve Madden, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, and LC Lauren Conrad.

Daniel Quintanilla

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