Lauren Conrad’s proper layering of nighttime skin products



Skin Treatment While You Sleep

Lauren Conrad Monday gave us an orderly fashion of layering down skin care when it comes bedtime, so that you can have beautiful skin in the morning.

You gotta use a cleanser first to eliminate dead skin cells, dirt and oil, and tackle any blemishes that have developed, then exfoliate to remove dead skin cells even further blocking dirt and oil immediate after you cleanse.

Next, you got treatment products for things like acne, age spots, and textures, then you use serum to clean and primp the skin, eye cream to brighten tired eyes, and moisturizer to wrap it all up.

A Morning Person In 3 Ways

Lauren Conrad’s team Monday relied on Quaker Oats to create healthy habits of becoming a morning person, someone who’s not afraid to get up after the alarm goes off (or before it).

It’s real simple, first you set a early time to go to bed so you can get plenty of sleep to conquer the new day, plan out your breakfast the night before, and schedule your morning workout same way you do a meeting being mark it on the calendar.

A Rendition Of LC?

In case you haven’t seen or heard of MTV’s new reality show, “Siesta Key”, it’s comparable to “Laguna Beach”, and Elite Daily Monday swiftly compared Madisson Parker to be the next Lauren Conrad.

Madisson says she loves the comparisons all the way, even proclaiming that Lauren Conrad was her role model back in the day, and also says Lauren is wonderful.

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