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Growing To A New Audience

Today, Lauren Conrad will unveil 2 new collections, one is a new annual LC Lauren Conrad Runway Collection, and the newest edition to the LC Kohl’s family is the LC Lauren Conrad plus size collection, which Lauren tells E! News of why she’s debuting a plus size effort now.

Lauren reveals that she’s wanted to do a plus size collection for awhile now, but Lauren says that LC Lauren Conrad can only grow so fast, it takes time, and one can only be given one category at a time to focus on.

But since the LC Lauren Conrad Plus Size Collection is now one of those categories Lauren is lucky to work on, Lauren couldn’t be more excited to unveil this new extended size tier at LC Kohl’s, debuting along with the third season of the LC Lauren Conrad Runway Collection.

Lauren cannot stress enough that she refused to accept the fact that such beautiful styling & detailing on pieces were not available in plus sizes, so Lauren made an all-out effort for her plus size collection to be no different from the rest of LC Lauren Conrad, but that it’s only a collection that offers up all of LC Kohl’s available in a bigger size.

And since Lauren Conrad is using the LC Lauren Conrad Runway Collection as a springboard to celebrate the debut of the plus size offerings, Lauren says she will wearing one of her favorite dresses from the runway collection at an event happens today for runway’s debut.

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