Lauren Conrad team tackles the 4th trimester via exercise



Back To You

Lauren Conrad and her friends today handed over their blog santuary to Lauren Roxburgh, who’s got part 2 of the fourth trimester a woman goes through once they’ve given birth to their newborn, and doing whatever they can to recover from it, and get back to themselves through a little movement, and unique exercises.

Lauren Roxburgh wants women to love the body that they were given to make the baby in the first place, that’s by taking your time with getting back in shape, focusing on small moves to help rebuild their foundation, rebuilding your core is very important, doing buttocks exercises to strengthen your back, stand on your hands with body up in the air to restable organs, and bouncing to get your cardio back on track.

Lauren R also stresses the fascia needs to be rejuvenated with collagen protein where the fascia’s made of collagen fibers that needs vitamins, minerals, and fats, foam rolling to burn off cellulite gain from pregnancy, improve glow by cleansing your skin before your workout, mommy groups, and making time for mama.

Come To Nantucket

Lauren Conrad’s Allison Norton today took us on a trip to the island of Nantucket where many vacation destinators dream of getting away to, filled with place to stay, where to eat, things to do, and where to shop.

Two famous things to point out for this Nantucket trip are the blue-tiled showers over at the Greydon House, and famous waffle cones with double scoops over at the Juice Bar.

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