Lauren Conrad reveals new LC Lauren Conrad Runway Collection


Courtesy: Kohl’s

The Catwalk Is Nothing But A Party

Lauren Conrad broke out the champagne on Wednesday as Lauren officially introduced her brand-new LC Lauren Conrad Runway Collection at Kohl’s, which is the third edition since debuting 2 years ago, where every piece involved is kissed with glitz and glamour as it’s touched by whimsical and celestial elements to make it a fairytale.


Courtesy: Kohl’s

Lauren also adds textures and patterns to her pieces like unicorns & stars, as well as handbags, jewelry, and shoes to complete the runway look, and the hottest looks Lauren has on tap from her runway are her ruffle midi dress paired with rosinca velvet high heel sandals, floral fit & flare dress with rosinca velvet high heel sandals, and a velvet popover slip dress, being slip dresses have become all the rage this season.


Courtesy: Kohl’s

Lauren’s lookbook continues with a threesome of models wearing print flutter top, pleated velvet skirt, embellished collar top, velvet fit & flare dress, and rosinca velvet high heel sandals that make this runway collection worth going out and celebrating fall over, another element Lauren added to LC Lauren Conrad Runway are plus sizes, as plus models represent this latest Runway edition.


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