Lauren Conrad reaches out to busy girls for chia seed breakfast



Be The Busy Body Without Lacking Nutrients

Lauren Conrad and her worker bees of editors stressed the importance of breakfast today with a busy girl breakfast, a breakfast that includes strawberry raspberry vanilla chia seed pudding that is so delicious from just the first glance of the scrumptous dish alone that can be prepared ahead of time so morning drive is not such the crunch time that it is.

The key to making this fruity chia seed pudding are the key ingredients being vanilla almond milk for sweetness, greek yogurt for that ever-important thickness creating a dream texture to help the pudding, vanilla extract giving a much more added boost of sweetness so one’s morning can be a big dose of strength before coffee and even alcohol, and chia seed pudding wouldn’t be what it is in the first place without the use of chia seeds themselves.

Chia seeds play a pivotal role in this recipe because it is these little powerful seeds that gel up once they hit any substance of liquid, to give one a delicious and delightful looking dessert, dinner, or even a snack bar as chia seeds provide a huge abundance of nutrients, especially omega 3’s which claim to supply more than a viable source like salmon.

But in order for this delightful chia seed breakfast to happen, this recipe has to soak overnight, so the chia seeds can do their magic, and create chia seed pudding, but don’t forget to top your pudding with strawberries and raspberries as the breakfast recruits.

Daniel Quintanilla

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