Lauren Conrad takes Fashion Week trends to real life


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Catwalkin’ In The Streets

One of Lauren Conrad’s confidantes being Jessi Burrone brought a great deal of influence back from the runway at New York Fashion Week today with 6 of the biggest trends out of the catwalks of Manhattan that shine brighter than the light twice a year.

The biggest summer trend being embroidery now is sticking around the fall regrouping on embellished denim, jackets, and shoes, don’t forget the bold colors of yellow, fushia, and cobalt to turn fall upside down, and the faux fur always play a pivotal role in the season of bare branches and snow flakes.

Let’s get loud with loud patterns on dresses and skirts showing off a cousin of bold colors being florals and animal prints, menswear has become the absolute new womenswear of the runway, as well as main street in all of 2017, and one has shimmer and shine from the looks of heavy metals found on midi skirts, shoes, and handbags.


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An LC Lauren Conrad Girls Night Out

On Monday, Lauren Conrad could not help but gush about the celebration of the third edition of the LC Lauren Conrad Runway Collection, which was a girls night out event last week inviting all people that matter in putting together this collection.

The biggest edition to the LC Kohl’s family this season were plus size options, where plus size women enjoy what’s great about LC Lauren Conrad, without missing out on the great designs for smaller sizes.

Five Star Baby Ride

In a year of evolution dawned by Lauren Conrad becoming a mother, as well as itself evolving in the past 2 years, today proves that point with a Tuesday Ten devoted to baby strollers, but baby strollers at prices considered chump change to billionaires.

For those of us in our thirties, we couldn’t imagine mom and dad spending $50 for a baby stroller back in the eighties, but team LC’s selections run as high as $800, $900, $1,200, and $1,800, and one’s lucky to get away with spending $425.

However, these strollers prove special because one can run with them, stroll the city with them, be super convenient, and be turned into a duo stroller for later children that come along.

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